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Love Is Too Strong a Word

A 10 Minute Play

"I happen to love science fiction, if anyone even give a damn.  How could we all have grown up in the same goddamn house and not know that two out of three of us loves science fiction and the other one despises it?  How is that even possible?"


A Short Play

"You can’t help it. I’m your kid. Even you feel that pull. Wantin’ to call things by their true name. That’s what kids do, right? Cuz they haven’t learned to lie."

Dog Park

A Full-Length Play

Abby goes around and gathers all these leftovers—roast turkey, brisket, stray bits of matzo ball—I mean, it was like an entire Jewish deli cold case jammed this—this giant meat ball.  And she goes over to Elliot and pries his jaw open…like…a lion tamer! Then one of the kids throws the meatball into his mouth, Abby lets go and his jaws clamp shut like a vice.  And that is how they fed Elliot.


A Short Play

"You know what a treadmill was built for?  For prisoners.  They’d spend eight, ten hours a day—use them to crush gain, power mills.  They used them to break men."



Me?  I’m from a nasty little dirt patch full o’ clip joints and bindle punks.  It’s the opposite of Easy Street, just past Hard Knock Ave. and kitty corner to Jinx Way.  Soon as I could I fired up the flivver and crushed outta there faster than a greaser dusting a clean sneak on the buttons.

Orange Crush

"I want out!  I don’t want you to be my imaginary friend.  Not anymore.  It’s over!  There!  Are you happy?  I said it."


"Feedin’ a lady.  One of life’s great joys.  Everyone always wondering what they can do to be happy, like it were some magical scarecrow they’re chasing through a cornfield.  Ain’t that hard.  Need some joy? Find yourself a lady to feed. Simple as that. Soul satisfying too."

Straight Up


Dueling! Choose your weapon. Pistols. Sabers.




And no matter what—


Somebody gets hurt.


photo by lisa konoplisky

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