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about lisa konoplisky

Hi, I’m Lisa.  Thanks for visiting my website.  Drop me a line and tell me about you.  Really.  I wanna know.


I’m a playwright.  I write other stuff too, but if you could look inside my brain there is usually at least one play going on at any given time.  Or more.  It’s pretty crowded in there. 


I’m from Chester, PA in Delaware Country (Delco) and you can read more about that here.  My likes are:  Maria Irene Fornes, Caryl Churchill, Eugene Ionescu, lifting heavy shit, New York City, Los Angeles, photography, growing my own vegetables, cooking, hanging with my dogs, my cat, my rabbit, my parrot and my partner, Stacey.  


Somewhere, out there, in a nursing assessment textbook, is a picture of my right ear.  Go figure.  I’m obsessed with submarine movies and World War I.  I love all the food.  All of it.  I hate mean people, classism, racism and homophobia.  


I write because it’s who I am.  I love to laugh but I also like big questions, so my work is complicated and far-ranging in style and tone.  Read my plays if you feel inclined.  Or send me yours.  I love talking about theatre, culture, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer.  


photo by lisa konoplisky

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